D-3: What Will You Do?

Inem has a close friend named Sarmi. Inem met Sarmi when they’re in high school because they were in the same community outside the school. In Inem’s eyes, Sarmi is a perfect girl. Sarmi is beautiful enough to make boys interested with her. She’s also an extrovert girl who easy to make any friendship. Sarmi has a good school and (now) college to study (now Inem and Sarmi in the same college). Inem also appreciate the way Sarmi has so many great job in the great place.

On that community, Inem and Sarmi worked together. And now, like I said before, Inem and Sarmi in the same college, the best college in the city. That’s why at first Inem really close to Sarmi. They’re sharing so many stories together, laughed and cried together. But, then, they’re a period when they’re not that close…

It happens several weeks after the first day in college. Sarmi never told Inem any story about her boys anymore. Sarmi shared the story with the other girl named Yati, which is Inem’s friends too. But when Inem asked to Sarmi “What happened with you?” or something like “Does your relation with him get wrong?”, Sarmi always said “I’m fine. It’s ok. Nothing happened.” Well. But Inem know she’s lying.

Inem feels so sad. But she was trying to forget everything. She’s happy enough with her life. She thought that her academic things more urgent than that case. In addition, Inem also had the problem with her mobility. She didn’t have any motorcycle, so it was a bit hard when she needed to move everywhere in rush hour.

Time flies. Everything change. Now, Inem has Yati as her best friend. But both Inem and Yati also hanging outh with Sarmi some times. When they’ll go somewhere, it’s like Yati’s duty or Inem’s duty to pick up Sarmi. It’s include when they’re going to campus, or anywhere related to it. As a good friend, it’s not a big problem to do it. That’s what friends for.

But actually, there’re some bad habit on Sarmi that Inem really can’t tolerate. Altough that’s Sarmi’s personal matter about who she’ll going with, when she’ll hanging out, where she’ll sleep, how much the cost she’ll spend when shopping or hangout, but sometimes as friends, it disturbs Inem’s life. People hate her because that bad habit too, and they told Inem to tell her about that habit.

Inem really frustrate. Inem still Sarmi’s close friend. She respected Sarmi for her good things she did. Inem don’t wanna unfriend her, she hates it. But Inem also tired with those habit. Cause sometimes it also impacted to Inem’s life and schedule.

What you will do if you’re in Inem side?

Is told her everything will okay?
Or just stay away from her?
But, how if Inem told her everything then Sarmi just go further and furthermore?
Remember that Inem don’t wanna unfriend her…

By the way, happy third day of #31HariMenulis


My First Duet Cerpen!

Mengikis Senja

            Gelap. Semuanya gelap. Aku hanya melihat setitik pelita kecil, menari – nari di gelapnya lazuardi. Rambutnya panjang terurai, berkilau keemasan. Senyumnya menghangatkan dadaku yang sepertinya hampir mati kedinginan. Merasa sepi, sunyi, dan sendiri, merasakan ketakutkan yang mencengkeram. Haruskah aku seperti ini? Terlampau sakit!

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