A Letter To You

“Hi, girl…

                First, let me say sorry. Cause maybe, you’ll find the worst letter ever. Actually, I really don’t wanna tell this to you. I’m too shy, and I’m afraid you’ll refuse or laughed at me. But, I can’t. I really can’t. So, forgive me, if I can’t find the right words to tell you about my feelings…

                    I know you know who am I. But, please pretend that you don’t know me. Cause I wanna tell you something crazy. Something that always ruin my day, spin on my head, and come on my dream every night. You’re the prettiest girl in this world after my mom.

                Do you know, girl? I don’t care about your appearance. Long or short hair. Wear veil or not. Got your hair tied or dishevelled. In my eyes, you’re as pretty as a butterfly. I’m just caring about you. Your manner. Your insecurity. Your strong heart. The way you smile, the way you joke, the way you talk, the way you walk. Damn! I’m fascinated.

                You’re like a shining star. But, your light much more bright, when I’m around. Don’t deny. I know it, girl. I saw it on your eyes. So, may I give you extra smile to make your day brighter?

            I know, I’m not a perfect man. I try to be the best for me and my lovely people around me, including you. I have so many dreams, and you have them too. So, can we share our dream together? Cause I think two is better than one.

               I know you’re tired. You walked alone too long. And I’m also tired, waiting for you so long. So, can we walk together right now? Cause I think two is better than one.

                I know you’re tired. I know you need a shoulder to lean on, though you have floor to kneel down. Me too. I need someone lean on at my shoulder. And I wish, you’ll be the one who lean on at mine. Would you?


Your admirer who never sent you a bouquet of flower

Your admirer who only can sent you this letter

Your admirer who really want to share the world with you”




I never get that kind of letter.

Altough only once on my 18 years life.

All the words “I love you” became a fake words.

All the words “You’re pretty” became a meaningless words.

Feels like no one loves me a lot with his full-heart.

I really waiting someone who sent me “a letter to you” to me…

Someone that I expected before…


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