Dear you..
You, who I talked before on my elder post..
You, who (maybe) I admired most..

When I’m stared at you, but you have no response..
When I was trying to get close, but you’ve ran so fast..
When I was caring for you, but you feel that I’m annoying..

When you can make a conversation, make a joke, make any relation, to everyone..
But, nothing happens on me..
When you can laugh out loud with another girls or another friends..
But, you’ve never make any fun with me..

What’s wrong?
Am I had any mistakes?
Or maybe,
Should I blame to this feelings?

Hey dude..
Did you ever think why sometimes I’ve changed my expression?
Did you ever think why sometimes I get my badmood feelings?
Did you ever think why sometimes I’m sitting alone in the corner?

Cause I feel so ignored by you..