My Best Friend

Ini tugas speaking Bahasa Inggris mom Reni sih… But, check this out πŸ˜‰

Actually, I like all of you. I believe that all of my classmates are great. You are my family in this class. But, now I want to tell you about someone. This person is very special for me. Do you know who? Listen carefully.

She is just usual girl. She often comes late on school. She often forgets for doing or bringing something important. She is a simple girl, but sometimes she’s being so complicated. And maybe, all of you don’t know why she is being so special.

She never leaves me alone. Whenever I cried, she always comes first before all of people. Whenever I laughed, she always laughs with me. She understands me. She knows my characteristics better than others. Sometimes, she is being so wise. She gives me some advice when I get so many problems. She is the first person who can recognize any change in my heart.

I still remember. It was 12th February, when I came a little bit late to my class. So, I was sitting alone in the corner. Nobody asked me something. But, she was doing a different thing. She opened a conversation. She borrowed my correction tape, and she asked me β€œWhy are you sitting alone like that? What’s wrong?”

My characteristic is so different with her. I’m serious and ambitious person, that’s so different with her. Sometimes she is so annoying. She likes to tell something unimportant. She and I often spend our time together. Sometimes I make her angry and she does too. Neither she nor I are the perfect person. But, she’s the best of the best person that I have.

She is in this class. So, I’d like to say sorry if I have so many mistakes with her. Because, I’m too busy with my own world. I don’t care if she’s a little bit careless. But, I have been her friends for 3 years and I really enjoy with her. I really love her. Do you know who is she? Yes, she is the second number in Palu class. She’s my best, Anastasha Fitriyana…


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